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Once you’ve determined the company is legitimate, discuss pricing. They may want to give a free, in-home estimate, or they may provide a quote over the phone. In either case, request their estimate in writing. Ask for a breakdown of labor, materials and miscellaneous costs (such as travel fees) so that you understand why the project costs what it does.

Air Duct Replacement by the Experts

By being careful about who you hire to maintain, repair, and install your HVAC equipment, you can help ensure a properly installed HVAC and duct system.

Why HVAC Ductwork Is So Important?

air duct replacement near me The reason is simple. You turn the thermostat to a certain level to enjoy a warm home. The indoor temperature gets higher, but not sufficiently enough. That’s because a lot of air is escaping, so the HVAC system is inefficient.

The rest of this Costimate covers cost factors, itemized pricing, and ductwork installation price estimates from other estimating sites. There’s a recommendation on DIY duct installation plus prices from homeowners that have recently had their ductwork replaced.

Heating and air conditioning systems get all of the credit (and blame) for comfort and efficiency, but it’s the air ducts that serve as the circulation system. Too often, ducts are improperly installed, leading to high energy bills, hot and cold spots, and other comfort issues.

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The average cost to replace HVAC ductwork is around $285 per duct run, and is based on the number of HVAC duct runs to be replaced, length of each run, type and size of the replacement ductwork. When solid ducts in walls and ceilings must be replaced, the cost can rise to $550 per run or higher.

Neglecting or ignoring excess dust is not wise. Dust and debris in your home can lead to allergies, as well as respiratory problems.

Commercial Ductwork Cost Per Square Foot

However, if you see that there is simply too much dust in your house, this problem might be caused by damaged ductwork.

Duct armor costs $2,000 to $10,000. This product is a spray coating that goes inside your existing system to clean, seal, and restore it. Homeowners may be more likely to choose this as an alternative to major demolition in the basement or foundation.

New Ductwork Cost Per Square Foot

The $12 to $25 per linear foot to replace ductwork doesn’t include anything you do after installation is complete. If you’re putting it into an existing home, you may need to pay for these additional services:

This can be a costly mistake. The ducts pull air from various parts of your house to be heated or cooled and then they conduct it back to other parts of your house.

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air duct replacement how to After the insulation has been removed and the attic has been clean we’ll sanitize the attic by use of a fogger to cover all the surfaces in the attic with a family-friendly sanitizer.

Adding a vent to existing ductwork costs $250 to $1,000. The price depends on how much you need to add in materials and how easy it is to access.

what you need for air duct replacement, For example, you can seal the ducts at their connection points. Most homeowners use aluminum tape to seal their ducts, but you can also use other materials.

The cost of air conditioning duct replacement varies, based on the difficulty, but be prepared to add 40% to 60% on top of the equipment cost. Replacing duct systems is a labor-intensive job under the worst working conditions. Attic temperatures can be about 130 degrees. The work area is a tight, confined space and it can be filled with fiberglass materials. Duct mechanics must be trained and skilled in airflow design and installation. When choosing a company to do the work, this is not a place to cut corners. Here at Home-Tech, we have the best in the business; skilled craftsmen that ensure your job is completed to the highest standards.

How to hire air duct replacement pros

While most duct systems will last a long time, there may come a time when you want to modify or replace them. Any repairs or changes to your duct system should be performed by a qualified HVAC technician.

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It all really comes back to how well the system was installed. Some reputable air duct cleaning companies have told me they’ve seen new houses where the systems and ducts are so poorly done that they require re-engineering and a major renovation, but few recommend a total replacement. Unfortunately, some companies use scare tactics, like saying there is mold present, to oversell unnecessary air duct replacement or cleaning.

Maybe or maybe not. Many existing air conditioning duct systems are adequate to accept new air conditioning systems. To transition your new air conditioning system to your existing duct system, Home-Tech includes the cost of minor ductwork adjustments and new duct material in all our estimates. Your Home-Tech Comfort Specialists will give you the facts about the condition and size of your current duct system.