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Mold and mildew growth can lead to a slew of health problems for you and your family members. It can also deteriorate furniture and the structural integrity of your home. If you smell any weird or bad smell consistently, a problem in your ductwork may be to blame.

Call in the Air Duct Replacement Experts

These impurities can cause blockages which will make your HVAC system work harder and compromise the indoor air quality. The cleaning project involves using special cleaning solutions and tools. A ductwork cleaning project is done by a professional team who can get the job done in a single day in most cases.

Why HVAC Ductwork Is So Important?

The rest of this Costimate covers cost factors, itemized pricing, and ductwork installation price estimates from other estimating sites. There’s a recommendation on DIY duct installation plus prices from homeowners that have recently had their ductwork replaced.

“There’s lots of construction debris. Sawdust, drywall scraps, and even Doritos bags can end up in the ductwork of a newly built home,” he says.

If needed, further seal the vent with mastic adhesive cement, which is painted on, ensuring no air escapes around the vent (Image 2).

Costs Submitted by Homeowners and Pro’s

Keep in mind that some ductwork might be too damaged to be fixed like this. Only an experienced technician can tell the difference from a seriously faulty pipe or a mildly damaged one, so don’t rely on DIY projects to fix your ducts. DIY projects are inherently risky, especially when it comes to HVAC systems.

Installing ductwork is a 1-4 day job because of the wide range of scenarios. Connecting an attic air handler to ceiling ducts in a single-story home is a quick project.

Beware of price gouging! “Across the country, the gross profit for duct renovation work is reported at margins of 65% to 80%. That’s pretty sweet compared to the industry averages of 30% to 40% gross profit for equipment replacement,” according to Rob Falke, President of the National Comfort Institute, a company that helps HVAC companies improve business.

How much do air conditioning duct repair and replacement cost?

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If you suspect your ductwork is faulty, be sure to contact one of our HVAC professionals to request a duct repair or replacement.

You might want to look at your ducts once every few years and try to give them a thorough cleaning. Pipes can get clogged with pet hair, debris, birds droppings, dust, dirt, and even mold and mildew in worst cases.

Installing Ductwork as a DIY Project

when is it time for an air duct replacement Ask your potential HVAC company how long they have been in business (under their current business name). Fly-by-night companies often spring up quickly and disappear when problems occur; they usually lack a solid online presence and have a little verifiable history such as customer reviews or community engagement. Even legitimate companies can misbehave. Research whether your state requires a permit to update or replace your HVAC system. For example, in California you are required to have a building permit for HVAC system updates, so confirm that your contractor is complying; you’ll be the one whose home insurance could be canceled if they fail to get proper permits. Find out whether they offer a warranty on their products and labor, and be sure to get all warranty agreements in writing.

Once you’ve got your new filter, you’re ready to take out the old one and put in the new one. We’ve got a DIY video here to guide you through the simple process.

I’ve had a very positive experience with Comfort Air and Trane. The system was affordable, installed in one day and they have done great follow up! Thanks, Johnny!

“This is maybe one of the biggest scams — carpet cleaning companies that say they can clean your air ducts for $49.99. Then they just remove and vacuum your registers, stick their vacuums into the duct at the register and re-attach your registers,” Baker tells

air duct replacement how to In some cases, you might need a brand new HVAC system to properly heat or cool down your house throughout the year and that’s why you should call a professional for a close inspection.

2. Know When a Duct Cleaning Is Necessary and When It Isn’t

Are different rooms in your home not cooling or heating as well as others? This may mean there is a block or damage within your ducts.

air duct replacement near me You might be ready to talk to some experts about getting a new air conditioning system and perhaps a new duct system. We are happy to give you a FREE consultation. Comfort Specialists from Home-Tech are always available to visit with you. Call (800) 800-8356 ext 5. If you’ve had a duct replacement done by Home-Tech and would like to review us, please make a comment on our Facebook page or give us a Google review.

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Rattling noises, squeaks, or other strange noises are an indication that there may be joint damage in the ducts or holes somewhere in the ductwork.