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Removing mold at home or office might not be easy and safe as most individuals assume. Spores are tiny and naturally exist on air. They quickly grow into a mold in the presence of moisture. Now, we all know that it is not easy to eliminate moisture especially at the basement or bathroom.

The good news is that a certified mold remodeling company understands the mechanism behind mold growth. It for this reason that we recommend interviewing a couple so that you can choose the best to tackle your home or office mold issue

This article provides you with insight into the mold remediation process so that you can know what to expect during mold infestation. We have highlighted the critical steps of mold remodeling as performed by certified companies. We aim to let you into a proper understanding of the process so that you are not lost midway.

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Mold assessment

Mold growth is a result of excess moisture. To get rid of mold completely, one has to study the moisture composition and come up with ways of getting rid of it completely.

  • A mold remediation professional company is able to get rid of humidity easily through a series of actions.

Foremost, they identify the moisture source and use it to locate all the mold growth at your home or business premise. You have to understand that mold may not be what is immediately visible. It might be a problem more profound than what you may have thought.

Certified mold remodeling professionals take surface and air samples for testing because they know well that you cannot make a decision based on what they see or smell.

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Creating a remediation plan

The professional team makes documentation of the mold in your home in video or photographic form. This type of documentation helps them come up with a plan on how to eradicate the fungus.

The plan indicates if there is any testing that should be done before the removal. It should also highlight the equipment needed and the time that the remediation should take place.

An adequately laid down plan will help manage any unforeseen liability or even give a clue of significant mold growth trends. Also, remember that the plan will partially highlight the key concerns as pictured in the laboratory report

Determine the extent of contamination

Mold does not always grow in a single area. You must assess how much mold you have and get professional advice on the best approach to use during remediation but to understand that you need to know first what does mold remediation mean.

Remediation of mold contamination

Mold remediation aims at cleaning up the existing mold while focussing on adequately addressing the moisture source. Here are the significant steps of mold remediation:

Damage repair

This is the first step in remediation; it focuses on dealing with the source of the mold and making necessary repairs to prevent any spores from growing in the future. For example, repairing of leaking roof and cracks on floors.

Containing the contaminated area

Involves closing all doors and windows that are between the infected and non- infected area. All the areas are sealed with duct tape and slip openings in the sheeting to get into the infected area.

Dust suppression

This is an exercise involving misting all the contaminated areas

Contamination removal

All the contaminated materials are removed before they dry up. Certified mold remediation company uses EPA registered products to restore and preserve more building materials than when convection radiators are used. This ensures that your home or office is restored to a better breathing environment due to the gentle but harsh chemicals used.

Waste Disposal

All the wet and mold materials should be carefully disposed of in double bags. The bags have to be smeared with detergent before they leave the contaminated room. The containers can then be eliminated as regular trash.

Cleaning up

This is a very crucial step in getting rid of mold. All non- porous surfaces such as wood and glass should be cleaned properly using a wire brush and enough detergent solution.

  • All the wipes used in wiping off the surfaces should be discarded in double bags.
  • All the porous services should be thoroughly cleaned using a HEPA vacuum. Any wipes used during this process should also be discarded in polyethylene bags.


All the cleaned materials, both porous and non- porous, should be sun-dried to help get rid of any remains. You can also use fans or humidifiers in the absence of sunlight.

After testing

A visibility test is crucial after the testing exercise has been conducted. This ensures that all areas in the home or offices are free of mold or dust. Most mold remediation companies do not offer post-treatment testing. However, this should not worry you; most will arrange for a third party to come to collect the air quality sample for laboratory testing. It is vital to ask how the remediation company you hire works around this issue.

  • The initial plan should be updated in case the remediation officer comes across a new type of mold.

Evaluating the results

The mold remediation process is quite tedious. After the clean up proves, you will wish to determine if the clean-up efforts have been fruitful.

Here are three steps of mold evaluation after the mold remediation process:

  1. Check if the moisture source has been adequately dealt with. Relay an alarm to the concerned company should there be signs of recurring moisture or water damage.
  2. Look for any sign of mold, mold odors or mold- damaged materials.
  3. Check if there is any sign of allergies experienced by the occupants. Skin irritation and sneezing are the main signs that can be noted in case of ineffective clean-up.

Depending on the agreement you had with the mold remediation company, additional environmental testing can be done to verify that the entire mold has been dealt with.