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There is no denying that a home is a lot of responsibility. Not only will you spend a lot of time caring for the home itself, but you are going to spend a lot of time caring for the things inside the home.

Your stove, your dryer, and your washer. Maybe even your HVAC system. These are all mechanical components that are going to need repairs and maintenance as the years go bad.

The only problem is that most homeowners just don’t understand the true importance of cleaning dryer vents and monitoring and maintaining these systems. This is because they either don’t understand them or have misinformation. This is something that we are going to clear up today- right here, right now!

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The Dangers Of Not Cleaning The Vent

The first thing that you need to understand about dryer vent cleaning is the dangers of it. Not cleaning your vent on a regular basis not only creates a major fire hazard in the home, but it could potentially damage the integrity of your dryer.

That’s right, you are paying more in electric bills because your dryer is having to run as twice as long as it would normally need to in order to dry a load of clothes.

Do you know what else happens when you are facing a situation like this? It means that the dryer is going to produce more wear and tear. Long run times, mean more wear and tear, which means that the appliance is going to lead to a breakdown much earlier than it should. Luckily, this is something that a good cleaning service can take care of when they clean your dryer vents.

Choosing The Right Dryer Vent Cleaning Company

Choosing the right cleaning company to clean your dryer vents is just as important as getting the vents cleaning in the first place. This is where Fox Duct Dallas comes in handy.

We have been servicing the local area for a number of years now and are more than familiar with the rich tradition of the year. We hold our customers near and dear to our hearts and want to do everything within our power to ensure that they as well as their homes are safe and secure at all times.

Understanding The Dryer Vent

Now that you understand the potential dangers of not hiring the right cleaning services, you need to understand what a dryer vent is and exactly how it works. A dryer vent is nothing more than a metal or corrugated pipe that expels exhaust fumes into the outside air. The fumes are not, of course, harmful and when expelled into the outdoors they are virtually rendered useless.

That being said, dealing with a dirty or clogged dryer vent is never a good thing, and it is something that might happen more often than you would imagine. When your dryer is running and drying clothes like it normally would it creates what is known as lint. Yes, this is the lint that you remove every time you clean the lint tray. No, cleaning the lent tray isn’t enough.

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Why Cleaning The Lint Tray Isn’t Enough

If you are like most homeowners, you are probably thinking – “Well, I clean my lint tray, isn’t that enough to ensure that my dryer stays clean for the ages?” Unfortunately, it is not because a dryer vent is much like an air duct.

You can install the best or the highest tech filter that you want and there are still going to be some items that pass by. When enough of these contaminants pass through the system they are eventually either going to lead to a clog or a backup.

Simply put, that lint trap just does not catch everything as it should. Sure, it does an excellent job of catching the big things, but there are plenty of little things that will pass through.