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Mold can be found in many homes. It quickly grows in humid areas. Mold remediation ensures that homeowners and residents are safe. The process identifies large mold within a given location in an office or home and focusses on eliminating it.

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What is the difference between mold removal and mold remediation?

Most people confuse these two processes. There is a significant difference between mold removal and mold remediation. Here are the main differences:

Mold removal

Mold removal is largely getting rid of a substantial mold buildup. It is aimed at ascertaining the cause and preventing future growth. Any other mold material in the home or office is removed and disposed of responsibly during this process.

Damage repair is also done during mold removal. For instance, if there is surface discoloration due to mold, the surrounding area will be painted or texturized to eliminate any chances of mold re-growth.

Mold remediation

Mold remediation is a series of processes that are aimed at returning the mold levels to normal. The exercise duly focuses on dealing with the areas with mold. Remediation gets rid of the potential harmful mold in your home or office. A remediation company identifies the mold issue and works towards getting those parameters to the normal levels.

The process begins with a sample collection to identify the type of spores present and their concertation. As soon as the mold type and concertation of spores are known, the remediation company moves in swiftly to tackle the infestation by using techniques that they deem sufficient.

So what is mold remediation and the actual difference between mold removal and remediation? In mold removal, the underlying moisture problem is thoroughly taken care of.

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Signs you need mold remediation services

It is normal to be confused about how to tackle your home or office mold issue. There are several advantages to hiring a professional mold remediation company. Such companies inspect your home or office and facilitate air and sample testing.

These companies focus on getting rid of the mold entirely and preventing regrowth in the future. Choosing the ideal remediation company is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to taking care of your property. Here are four signs that you need mold remediation services fast:

Water leakage

You must understand that water leakage does not necessarily mean you will have mold in your home or office. However, water intrusion can facilitate mold growth. Mold only grows in the presence of high humidity or water.

Musty Smell

You must stay alert regarding the smells around you. They may signal a severe underlying issue. Most molds tend to emit an odor during colonization. A musty smell can indicate some growth of mold around you.

Even though, it is not realistic to rely on odor alone to determine whether you need remediation. Some toxic mold species do not produce any smell. Additionally, dead spores are harmful to human health, yet they do not emit any smell. A professional remediation company can step in for air and surface sample testing to rule out any possibilities of air toxicity.


Molds usually, lead to surface color change. The colonization process often leads to severe discoloration on the surface area. Most mold species are black. However, you may notice mold in other colors such as white, grey, red and more. Others also look like granules while some are round shaped.


Allergies are an excellent sign that you need a mold remediation company to assess your home. If you notice some health symptoms after home occupants spend time in certain places, seek professional remediation services. Take note of any congestion that family members experience at home or even employees at work.

The most common sign of respiratory congestion includes sneezing, headache, difficulties in sleeping, eye or skin irritation. Mold infestation is a serious environmental hazard that should be dealt with immediately; it is noted.

The process of mold remediation

Here is the process of the mold remediation and how mold remediation is carried out:


This is the first and most crucial step in mold remediation. Proper ventilation and air filtration devices should be used in the process. This is to ensure that spores from the mold are prevented from spreading to other areas of the office or home.


After containing the infected area, the professional remediation company cleans the surface and disinfects it using the recommended fungicides and biocides solutions.

Tackle the source

A professional company will address moisture issues on the premises. The same company can do minor repairs while significant repairs are subcontracted to an ideal company.

Mould encapsulation

Any remaining surface mold is prevented from growth using paint or textured material.

Some mold is harmless

Not all mold poses health risks to people. However, some types are known to produce toxins that lead to health conditions such as memory loss and respiratory distress. Exposure to these types of fungi can also worsen conditions such as asthma or upper respiratory tract infections.

  • The majority of mold in existence is harmless. It is essential to stay calm anytime you notice mold growing in your home or office. The best course of action is to involve a certified mold remediation company to help you access the situation before taking further steps.

Be aware of noncompetent companies that claim to help get rid of mold for good. Always seek enough clarification from any company that you intend to hire for the job. Ask as many related questions as possible so as to gauge their competence.