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Whether or not you decide to have the air ducts in your home cleaned, preventing water and dirt from entering the system is the most effective way to prevent contamination (see How to Prevent Duct Contamination).

Four Key Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning

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Air Duct Cleaning In South Florida

Whether or not you decide to have the air ducts in your home cleaned, committing to a good preventive maintenance program is essential to minimize duct contamination.

air duct cleaning Dallas If the service provider charges by the hour, request an estimate of the number of hours or days the job will take, and find out whether there will be interruptions in the work. Make sure the duct cleaner you choose will provide a written agreement outlining the total cost and scope of the job before work begins.

how does air duct cleaning work Pay particular attention to cooling coils, which are designed to remove water from the air and can be a major source of moisture contamination of the system that can lead to mold growth? Make sure the condensate pan drains properly. The presence of substantial standing water and/or debris indicates a problem requiring immediate attention. Check any insulation near cooling coils for wet spots.

Dryer ventilation is an issue many people have faced for a long time, and it is still a big issue. There are numerous factors that can lead to problems with clogged dryer vents which are dangerous. Unfortunately, it is not possible for everybody to clean it; even if you try hard to clean it, it still remains somewhat dirty. Many homeowners remember to have the filter changed regularly on their HVAC system to prevent dusty air being circulated throughout their homes, but it’s equally important to have your dryer duct system cleaned. During the cleaning, air ducts are swept out and all dust and debris are removed from the forced air and HVAC system.

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2. System durability. Estimate are that nine out of ten central heating and air conditioning systems fail or breakdown due to the fact a right upkeep routine was not performed. Replacement components and labor for heating or cooling system might be very highly-priced and total replacement fees thousands.

Take a deep breath. How clean is the air you are breathing? Even if no one in your home suffers from allergies or respiratory conditions, cleaner air helps keep you healthier overall. Every time you breathe in dust and pollutants, they have the potential to trigger sneezing and coughing, as well as impact your sinuses or bronchial congestion. Cleaning your air ducts regularly ensures you’ll always have a clean air supply to breathe in.

The Top Five Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning

Ask the service provider whether they hold any relevant state licenses. As of 1996, the following states require air duct cleaners to hold special licenses: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan and Texas. Other states may require them as well.

To find companies that provide duct cleaning services, check your Yellow Pages under “duct cleaning” or contact the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) at the address and phone number in the information section located at the end of this guidance. Do not assume that all duct cleaning service providers are equally knowledgeable and responsible. Talk to at least three different service providers and get written estimates before deciding whether to have your ducts cleaned. When the service providers come to your home, ask them to show you the contamination that would justify having your ducts cleaned.

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When they’re done, they’ll leave behind vents that contain no dust or other particles. That means less dusting for you and fewer harmful pollutants circulating throughout your house; it’s a win-win! So check out our online money-saving coupons and schedule a professional air duct cleaning with Modernistic today! And don’t forget to browse our collection of before and after photos on Instagram for a shocking visual of what’s hiding in your ductwork!

Air conditioning does not only control how cool or warm the indoor environment in your house is. It also determines the quality of air in your home. Why does quality matter? Well, most people spend over 12 hours a day in their homes. Spending all this time indoors means that you only get to breathe the air that’s inside your house. If the quality is not good, you are likely to develop respiratory health issues. It’s therefore important to ensure that the quality is top-notch. You should avoid putting all the focus on how warm or cool your house is.

The Top 5 Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning

5. Eliminate odors. A musty odor within your home can mean that dust, mold, or mildew might be present within the air ducts that no amount of air fresheners or candles will eradicate. Air duct cleaning will get rid of the smell pretty much entirely.

how much is air duct cleaning Purify Your Indoor Air? Getting rid of all the nasty particulate in your duct-work will help clean up the air inside your home. Modernistic’s comprehensive cleaning system ensures every square inch of your duct-work is thoroughly cleaned, helping you breathe easy in your own home.

Without a doubt, the greatest benefit is improved indoor air quality. A professional duct cleaning removes debris (and the nasty pollutants within it) which makes the air in your home cleaner, healthier, and easier to breathe.

Suggestions For Choosing A Duct Cleaning Service Provider

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Recognizing whether your air ducts need cleaning or not, is quite simple. If you see any of the below-mentioned occurrences, it is time for deep cleaning.