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If you are like most businesses or homeowners there is a pretty good chance that you have heard about duct cleaning. Heck, you have probably even considered taking the plunge.

Maybe you are still on the fences because you are unsure of what a air duct cleaning Dallas truly costs. Perhaps, you are still wary because you are unfamiliar with duct cleaning and what they entail. These are all reasonable responses as to why you would put the process off, but duct cleaning are not something that you want to hold off.

The longer you wait, the more damage you could potentially be doing to your family and your system. This is why we want to take the time to help put your mind at ease. We want our customers to feel confident and sure when they take advantage of our services. Simply put, we want you to know what you are paying for.

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Do You Even Need A Duct Cleaning?

If you are like most consumers then there is a good chance that you have already done a bit of your own research. During this research, you likely encountered several conflicting answers or suggestions. Heck, there are probably even people out there that will tell you duct cleaning are useless and a waste of money.

how is air duct cleaning done Next, head to the store, or look online for a replacement filter? You can get a good one for anywhere from $5 to $20 at a big-box or home-improvement store. Your local supermarket may even carry filters in limited sizes. But the prices will often be higher at the grocery store than at other places.

As a professional duct cleaning company, we can tell you with 100 percent certainty that not all duct cleaning are a complete waste of time. Yes, there might be times when they are unnecessary, but this is once again where we stand out from the competition.

Before recommending or performing a duct cleaning we like to send out an inspector to the home. This inspector will go through the home and assess and evaluate the system. If the system needs cleaning, we will provide you with indisputable proof as to why it needs to be cleaned.

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Factoring In The Contract

All that being said, there is no denying the fact that duct cleaning is expensive. This is something that we understand all too well. This is why we are more than willing to work with our customers in any situation. The first thing that you need to know is that all of our current and regular customers will be given an immediate discount.

If you have an already existing maintenance contract with our company then you can rest assured that you will be paying less than for out cleaning services. Our maintenance contract is basically just a contract where our techs come out to the home twice a year and clean the system.

what is the best air duct cleaning system For those living in Dallas, finding the best air duct cleaning company can be a chore? Angie’s List, Thumbtack, or Home Advisor will have a list of vendors and companies that have passed through the initial examination process.

Other Factors That Determine Price

Unfortunately, the maintenance contract alone will not be the only thing that dictates the cost of your duct cleaning. There are several other varying factors that can help determine the overall cost of your cleaning:

The number of systems that will be cleaned (More systems mean more money)

  • The current condition of the duct
  • If the duct needs to be repaired
  • How easy the duct is to access
  • The type of duct that you currently have installed
  • The estimated time for the job
  • The number of runs in the home
  • The condition of the registers and vents

I have been in the IAQ field for 30 years and have seen it all. I’ve used truck-mounted equipment, portable equipment ( the general ), and portable HEPA vac equipment with 3500 cfm to 5000 cfm, can suck up a 16 lbs bowling ball. With all this suction power you would think that a little dust in the duct would be no problem.

The National air duct association states that without agitation ( rotary brushes) the dust will still adhere to the inside surface of the duct. So I guess what I’m saying is that Nadca certification is key along with the proper procedures. Consumers can go to the NADCA Website for the more great information.

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We have been serving the local Dallas area for a number of years now with duct cleaning. Our techs are not only highly adept in their abilities, but they are licensed and insured and will explain to you exactly how does air duct cleaning work. When you choose to do business with us, you can rest assured that you really are doing business with the best that the area has to offer.