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Mold is a type of fungus that grows on the damp surfaces. While studies suggest that some type of mold is harmless, others can lead to serious health problems. Fortunately, mold remediation focuses on mold removal while containing it and preventing it from spreading to other locations of the residential or commercial premises. But wait! How much does mold remediation cost?

You must understand the cost of mold removal to avoid being caught by surprise. Luckily for you, we have highlighted some factors that affect the price of mold removal so that you can make a proper estimation of how much the exercised will cost as per your needs.

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What is Mold, and What Causes It?

Mold is a type of fungus that is threadlike when viewed under a microscope. The fungus grows inside homes and business premises. Mold grows when the spores get into damp areas on floors, walls, ceiling, and other surfaces. Mold spreads so fast and you may not notice it until it has become too large to deal with.

How can you identify mold growth right from the start? The first sign of this fungus is a musty smell, you will also notice a rust stain on the walls, ceiling and other areas of the room.
Mold spores are tiny. A human eye can’t detect.

Here are some factors that contribute to mold growth:

  • Roof leakage or pipe leaking
  • Floor flooding
  • High level of humidity

Factors affecting mold remediation cost

There are several factors affecting mold remediation cost. Here are the main ones:

Type of mold

There are several types of mold. Removal of each needs special equipment. For instance, black mold will cost you more to remove than a different kind of mold. This is because it requires more expensive equipment and extra precautions during the removal process.

Mold size

You will pay more if your residential mold or commercial one is over a large surface area. Small areas may cost as low as $500 unless damage repair is involved.


Location is another important factor that determines how much you will pay for mold remediation. For instance, the cost of mold removal will be extremely high if the HVAC system has been infested. As high as 5000$.

Damage repair in cases where the roof is involved will also skyrocket the cost. An average of about $2000 is needed; again, it will depend on the size of the area to be worked on.

On the other hand, mold on the glass surface is natural to get rid of. Generally, the mold remediation company that you choose will be able to advise on the cost depending on where the mold is located.

Involved procedures

In most cases, mold testing may not be necessary. Even though it all depends on the situation at hand, for example, you will have to do it if the insurance needs it.

Need to know what is mold remediation? Check the link.

It is recommended that mold testing be carried out by a third party independent body. Such parties only test the mold and give the results based on the findings.

There are several ways to test for mold. However, the most recommended method is sending the mold to the laboratory. Mold assessment in the lab will cost you around $500.

As said above, mold testing is not necessary, and the remediation company will proceed with removal either way.


Most companies will charge you hourly and also depending on how much area is covered by mold. Some will even factor in the cause and the level of damage to the surfaces.

For a small area, expect to pay around $450. The amount will go into cleaning and sealing the area.

You may pay up to $150000 when a large area is involved. In most cases, the remediation company will use the amount for drywall carpeting and necessary repairs. For a large area, expect the process to take some days or even weeks.

Material to be used

As already mentioned, there are several causes of molds. One of them may be leakages on the roof or basement that needs repair immediately. Some of the repairs that are necessary include foundation sealing and roof repairing.

Repairs need materials that will cost you quite a dime. Foundation sealing will cost you $1500 to$2500, depending on the area to be covered. Roof repairing, on the other hand, will need about $500-$ 1500.

Mold Remediation Company

Yes, remediation companies charge differently for the same services. Remember some companies will charge you separately for each service they offer while others will customize a package for you. We recommend that you choose a company that provides most of the services that you need. It is ok to compare the cost of remediation from different companies. Aim at getting the best services at an affordable price.

Can I remove black mold myself?

It is possible to get rid of mold yourself. However, there are several advantages of involving a professional remediation company.

EPA recommends that you get rid of any mold less than 100feeet square. You can then clean with enough water and detergent. In most cases, a non-toxic fungicide is recommended. Be aware that black mold will stain the surface, and you will need a bleaching agent to get rid of the discoloration.

If the mold exceeds the said area,(100feet square) you will have to call in a professional. The main reason being that spores are tiny and it is not possible to clean areas that you are not able to see.

Remediation of the process involves room sealing, air filtering, mold killing and odor removing. The Do It Yourself method can be able to get rid of the mold but miss out on all the other essential steps that ensure the mold never regrows.

With professional mold removal, you can expect proper mold treatment and air filtration to remove any remaining spores that can lead to mold regrowth. Additionally, other techniques used by professionals such as negative pressure help contain the spores during the removal process.

You must understand large mold infestation need careful handling to avoid spores traveling to other areas of your home. Prevention of spore spread is the key to ensuring that you do not have to deal with the mold issue now and then.

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The mold remediation process

There are three main steps in fungus removal. The main focus of remediation is:

  • Killing the fungus
  • Getting rid of the fungus
  • Preventing future mold growth.

Here is the mold remediation process in brief:

The process begins with containing the mold area and applying negative pressure. The high-efficiency pressurized air helps get rid of spores within the neighborhood fast.

  • An an approved chemical is misted to the mold surface to kill the fungus
  • The mold is removed from the surface
  • The mold is put in a closable bag and dispose of responsibly
  • All surfaces are treated. even those not affected by mold initially
  • An EPA sealer is applied to protect mold regrowth
  • Clearance testing is conducted
  • Clean up of contaminated materials

Tip for mold prevention

Here are tips to help you prevent mold in your home or business premises:

  • Always clean your surfaces with clean water and detergent
  • Dry damp areas properly using a clean cloth
  • Fix any leakages immediately
  • Avoid painting the mold surfaces, as it will lead to paint peeling within no time.
  • Always contact a professional remediation company when you feel the mold is too large to handle.

Mold remediation cost-saving tips

Here are some tips to help you save a penny even as you go seeking for mold remediation services:

  • It is ok to avoid mold testing. You can save on this unless your home insurance covers you.
  • Address the mold issue at your home as soon as you notice it. Remember some type of mold are dangerous hence can put you and your family in danger.
  • Clean the small area of mold you notice immediately using a detergent and enough water. This will help you stop the issue right from the start.
  • Always ask your insurance company what they cover and what they do not.
  • Look for remediation companies that offer a guarantee. It is ok to ask what happens when you do not get the desired results.
  • It is ok to get 3-5 cost estimates before hiring any company.
  • Always employ a company whose technicians are well trained and certified.
  • In case of mold testing, ask for a comprehensive report on air quality, type of mold and removal remediation recommendation Also ask your inspector if it is essential to hire a remediation company. Some kind of mold can be dealt with without a specialist.

Frequently Asked Question about Mold Remediation Cost (FAQ)

Here are the most asked questions related to mold remediation:

Does homeowner’s insurance cover mold removal?

Home insurance will come forward to cover the cost of mold remediation in a case that it was caused by a factor featured in the contract you signed. An example of such an element is the storm. Most insurances will cover mold removal costs if only caused by storms but not the leaking roof, humidity or flooding.

How can I test for mold in the house?

There are quite several mold testing kits in the market. Unfortunately, most of these kits are not recommended as they tend to give false results. The best way to test for mold at home or your business place is to hire a professional. This is the best and most affordable way to go about it.

How much does mold testing cost?

There are quite several mold remediation companies that will include third party mold testing services in their charges. However, it is important not to assume that the company you hire will provide such services as part of the remediation package. The best way to know how much it will cost you is to ask about it.

Can mold affect my health?

Mold is capable of causing several health issues. The most immediate health concerns as a result of mold include:

  • Coughing followed by chest pains
  • Stuffy nose
  • Skin irritation
  • Decay can also worsen other ailments such as asthma.