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With the recent fire scares in the Dallas area there is no denying that more and more homeowners are growing cautious of their dryer vents. Dirty and clogged dryer vents are not only the number cause for home fires in the Dallas area, but they are the number one cause of home fires in the nation.

Being that a dryer vent could be your home’s biggest fire hazard, it always pays to have a good cleaning service on speed dial. Good dryer vent cleaning services in the area should not only provide dryer vent cleaning in Dallas Texas, but they should also clean air ducts.

That being said, you might still be on the fences about what to pay, and this is exactly what is going to be covered in this article.

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The Number Of Vents In The Home

When it comes right down to it there really is only one factor that will help determine the cost of your next dryer cleaning. And, that factor is going to be the number of vents in the home. If you have two dryers then you likely have two vents.

If you just have the one dryer then it is safe to assume that you just have the one vent. At least, this will probably be the only one that needs to be cleaned. The cleanliness of the vent should not matter.

The company should charge you the same cleaning price for dryer vent whether the vent is fully clogged or the only semi clogged. And, this is because the cleaning process entails the same work either way.

Whether the vent is fully clogged or only half clogged, the technicians will perform the same procedures and techniques to make sure that the vents are clean.

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Other Factors To Consider when cleaning dryer vents

That being said, the cleanliness of the vent will not be the only thing that determines the cost of your vent cleaning. Dryer vents are mechanical machines, which means that they will breakdown over time.

Exposure to wear and tear will cause them to breakdown and need maintenance. If you vent is in worse condition or needs a whole new overhaul then it will be best to go ahead and bite the bullet when the cleaning company is out there.

Of course, this is going to increase the overall price of the cleaning, but it will ensure that your vent is up and running with the utmost efficiency, for this reason, you should clean your dryer vents regularly if you want to know how often you should clean your dryer go here.

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