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With regular attention, you can be able to keep your ductwork in your commercial building operating effectively. Some of the steps you can take include visual inspections and filter changes.

As time passes by, you may notice that the HVAC system has accumulated a lot of debris that needs professional cleaning.  This article will help you understand what commercial air duct cleaning is and how it is done.

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How does commercial air conditioning get dirty?

Commercial buildings might look tidy all the time, but the fact is dust that settles on furniture, smoke, pollen, insects, and more unwanted particles get pulled into an air conditioning system.

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Each air conditioner features filters to trap dirt. However, these filters are not competent enough to catch all the pollutants. These dirty builds up and leads to decreased efficiency of the HVAC system.

There is a likelihood that the system will break down when neglected for a long time. So, how often should this system be cleaned?

It is recommended that the vent covers be inspected regularly of pollutant build-up. It would help if you viewed them as clean by your naked eye each time you check them.   It is recommended that you professionally clean your HVAC between after every three years. However, it might be soon if:

  • You have recently had construction going on in your building or even a simple remodeling exercise.
  • The air return vents are located near the floor
  • You happen to move to a new building
  • Some people smoke in and out of the building.

Our air duct cleaning services in Dallas Texas

Looking for an air duct cleaning service in Dallas Texas?  We are here to ensure that you do not search any farther. Here is how we carry out commercial air duct cleaning; we have divided the whole process into preparation and actual cleaning. Read through to understand what it is all about.

Air duct cleaning preparation

Inspection: You cannot tackle an issue until you have had a deep understanding of it.  It is for this reason that we take a step to inspect the ductwork in your commercial building thoroughly.  Our inspection aims at determining the extent of the debris or contaminant trapped in the system. We also check for HVAC damage.

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Workplan formulation:  We shall provide you with a document showing the scope of work in your commercial building. We also highlight the necessary steps that we shall take so that you are fully aware of what to expect when our professionals come for air duct cleaning. We will highlight the methods that we shall use to get rid of contaminants and dirt from the HVAC system.

Area protection:  Our air cleaning experts will place protective covering on your work equipment such as desks, cabinets, and computers. This is to ensure that they are prevented from debris and dirty during the cleaning process.

Service openings: Our experts will look into the available opportunities and purpose to utilize them whenever possible. We shall suggest creating new openings if we think that the current ones will not provide the accessibility needed during air duct cleaning.  The new openings, if so required, will be installed appropriately as per the guidelines in place.

In some other cases where the available openings are not enough to complete the cleaning process, we may be forced to remove the ceiling section so that we can adequately access the HVAC system.  We will put back the ceiling once the air duct cleaning exercise is completed.

Air duct cleaning process

We take several steps to ensure that we are prepared for the air duct cleaning as you can already tell from above. Here are the steps we take to ensure that we thoroughly clean your air ducts.

  • We carefully remove the supply and return vents. We then vacuum all the vents using our High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) so that we can remove all the debris including that that lies deep within. This process uses negative air pressure, which prevents any dust or debris from making its way into the HVAC as we clean.
  • We then begin to compress air whipping after all the vents have been vacuumed clean. Air whipping involves connecting hard plastic poles and connecting them to the compressor and then progressing to passing them through each vent in the system.
  • Different air bits on end are used to break apart and push the dust or debris through each branch duct into the main duct trunk lines that we already cut out. The process then continues in the main trunk lines, which pushes the dust or contaminants into the negative pressure vacuum.
  • We also remove the dampers and grills, clean them thoroughly and purpose to put them back at the end of the air duct cleaning exercise.
  • Cleaning the HVAC system is not enough to offer you the needed fresh air. We properly clean the air handlers, coils. We thoroughly vacuum the fan blower, housing, and other components. Additionally, we hand vacuum the coils on both sides and apply a debris removal chemical before we can finally rinse.
  • We repeat the inspection process and ensure that your system is clean before we call it a day. During our deep cleaning, we also look into the ways of curbing microorganism growth in the future.
  • We end the air duct cleaning process by sealing. We use custom plugs and tape or heavy-duty covers to seal any opening that we might have made for the air duct cleaning exercise.

We will never go out of the building until you let us know you are delighted with our services.

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We give you our word when it comes to commercial air duct cleaning services. Our experts are trained to clean your HVAC system excellently. We use the recommended and most effective chemicals to treat any contaminants in your HVAC system to keep you safe.  We are looking forward to working with you.