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Permit the application of biocides in your ducts only if necessary to control mold growth and only after assuring yourself that the product will be applied strictly according to label directions. As a precaution, you and your pets should leave the premises during application.

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Dust buildups inside the motors, coils, and sensors cause these components to fail prematurely. Also, when accumulations of dust build-up too much inside the return/supply ducting, this can reduce the flow of air, making the system run longer and harder, costing more in fuel and electricity, not to mention when the accumulation of dust gets too high, the pressure of the furnace fan will cause the extra dust built up in the return system to pull into the furnace. Dust build-ups in the supply side will eventually blow out into the home, possibly creating health concerns for the people living inside.

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What’s worse, there are other signs that show it’s time to hire a professional service to take care of this issue. These problems could include an increase of allergies for employees and even a lack of airflow coming out from the vents when you put your hand in front of them.

Note: The use of sealants to encapsulate the inside surfaces of ducts is a different practice than sealing duct air leaks. Sealing duct air leaks can help save energy on heating and cooling bills. For more information, see EPA’s Energy Star website.

If not properly installed, maintained, and operated these components may become contaminated with particles of dust, pollen, or other debris. If moisture is present, the potential for microbiological growth (e.g., mold) is increased and spores from such growth may be released into the home’s living space. Some of these contaminants may cause allergic reactions or other symptoms in people If they are exposed to them. If you decide to have your heating and cooling system cleaned, it is important to make sure the service provider agrees to clean all components of the system and is qualified to do so. Failure to clean a component of a contaminated system can result in the re-contamination of the entire system, thus negating any potential benefits. Methods of duct cleaning vary, although standards have been established by industry associations concerned with air duct cleaning. Typically, a service provider will use specialized tools to dislodge dirt and other debris in ducts then vacuum them out with a high powered vacuum cleaner.

air duct cleaning Dallas, tx Pay particular attention to cooling coils, which are designed to remove water from the air and can be a major source of moisture contamination of the system that can lead to mold growth. Make sure the condensate pan drains properly. The presence of substantial standing water and/or debris indicates a problem requiring immediate attention. Check any insulation near cooling coils for wet spots.

Diy Air Duct Cleaning Is Worth The Work

After cleaning the registers, you will begin cleaning the interior of the ducts by attaching the vent brush to the drill. To avoid losing it within the ducts as you clean, make sure that the brush is secured tightly onto the drill. From there, activate the drill and pull it back out being careful to cut it off with one to two feet to spare to prevent the dust that is being cleaned out from going everywhere. This should be followed up with the vacuum cleaner and its hose and brush.

How is air duct cleaning done? The correct method uses negative pressure technology. Negative pressure air duct cleaning is a methodical, straightforward process that delivers clear results, but less-than-reputable, fly-by-night companies have given the industry a bad rap in recent years.

how much is air duct cleaning During construction or renovation work that produces dust in your home, seal off supply and return registers and do not operate the heating and cooling system until after cleaning up the dust?

Air duct cleaning service providers may tell you that they need to apply a chemical biocide to the inside of your ducts to kill bacteria (germs) and fungi (mold), and prevent future biological growth. Some duct cleaning service providers may propose to introduce ozone to kill biological contaminants. Ozone is a highly reactive gas that is regulated in the outside air as a lung irritant. However, there remains considerable controversy over the necessity and wisdom of introducing chemical biocides or ozone into the ductwork.

Birth Of Duct Cleaning As An Industry:

Next, head to the store or look online for a replacement filter. You can get a good one for anywhere from $5 to $20 at a big-box or home-improvement store. Your local supermarket may even carry filters in limited sizes. But the prices will often be higher at the grocery store than at other places.

A properly trained contractor will perform the job thoroughly and carefully, ensuring that your ductwork winds up clean and undamaged. Hire the Best Pick duct cleaning contractor to ensure that you receive service that meets the industry standard for quality.

Check references to be sure other customers were satisfied and did not experience any problems with their heating and cooling system after cleaning.

How To Determine If The Duct Cleaner Did A Thorough Job

That price should also include cleaning your dryer vents. “A quality duct cleaning company will and should clean your dryer vents, too,” Baker says. “They are also ducts!”

Air ducts are responsible for the distribution of air to the many rooms throughout the home. Part of heating and cooling the interior of the home also involves the air conditioning sucking air through the air ducts, where it is either warmed or cooled to meet the demand of occupants. To operate optimally, air ducts need to be able to carry out the entirety of their functions unhindered. If this is not a possibility, then the circulation of cool or warm air within homes will occur less efficiently and the effectiveness of the system responsible for controlling the temperature will be minimized. Thus, air duct cleaning is a necessity.

You might be thinking the dirt is an accumulation of dirt and dust living inside your air ducts, but professional cleaners may find more than that: mold, fungi, dust mites, fleas, and other creepy-crawly creatures.

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Whether your facility needs an air duct cleaning service or one of our other 20+ maintenance services, City Wide will make sure every task is executed at a professional level.

The challenge of keeping pests away during the summer is one that many homeowners face. When the weather outside heats up, bugs, …

So it’s wise to budget for the real cost of a legitimate cleaning every seven to 10 years. Of course, if someone in your home has breathing problems, you would want to do it more frequently.

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Although duct-cleaning operations may insist duct cleaning is essential for your health, the evidence does not support their claims. Companies that perform duct cleaning often advertise health benefits or suggest duct cleaning will lower your power bills by improving your system’s efficiency. Some ads even use language like, “Studies have shown . . . ” but no data back up these claims. Even if your ducts are dirty, cleaning them probably won’t provide any measurable benefits. In fact, the little independent research performed on duct cleaning indicates that the process stirs up so much dust that it creates a bigger problem than it solves.

If you’re noticing a lot of dust or other allergens in your home, it may well be worth it to pay the few extra bucks to get a filter with a higher Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating.

what to know about air duct cleaning Make sure the service provider follows the National Air Duct Cleaning Association’s (NADCA) standards and, if the ducts are constructed of flex duct, duct board, or lined with fiberglass, it follows the guidelines of the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA)

You may consider having your air ducts cleaned simply because it seems logical that air ducts will get dirty over time and should be occasionally cleaned. Provided that the cleaning is done properly, no evidence suggests that such cleaning would be detrimental. EPA does not recommend that the air ducts be cleaned routinely, but only as needed. EPA does, however, recommend that if you have a fuel-burning furnace, stove, or fireplace, they are inspected for proper functioning and serviced before each heating season to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning.