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Commercial building air duct cleaning always important and your HVAC’s air ducts should always be clean as one of the necessary precautions towards maintaining favorable indoor air quality.  Over time, continuous use of commercial heating and cooling system leads to the accumulation of contaminants.

These contaminants should be removed often from your HVAC to ensure a safe environment.

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Our Air Duct Cleaning Services in Dallas Texas

We have a team of experts that will ensure your HVAC is properly cleaned for enhanced safety with our trained air duct cleaning Dallas Texas service technicians.

What type of commercial building do we service?

We are one of the most flexible air cleaning services in Dallas, Texas. We service a wide range of buildings, not only commercials but also apartments. Our team comprises of experts who will perform at any job you throw at them. We identify the commercial job that need to be done and develop a serious working plan.

Here is it like working with us?

How is commercial air duct cleaning like with us? Noise at commercial premises can be very distracting both to clients and workers. It is, for this reason, that aim at working within the shortest time possible so that we give you the peace of mind you need to go on with your business as usual.

Step 1: We connect our powerful vacuum to the air duct surface at the furnace using our long hose pipe. This is followed by sealing off every heating and cooling register and return in the business. Our vacuum comes with an air filtering system that helps get rid of even the smallest debris fast. All the particles are excellently captured by the vacuum so that you have enough air to breathe in.

Step 2: Connecting the vacuum and sealing the vents creates a powerful suction force throughout the air duct system. The suction force and the vacuuming power effectively gets rid of all the dirt that there is in the HVAC system.

Step 3: All registers are inspected, and the whip system is inserted into each vent. This system then travels through each part of the ductwork, leaving your air duct free of dirt.
We repeat the whole process on the other end of the air duct.

Step 4: After ensuring that both sides of the air duct are clean, we proceed to sanitize the entire duct system. We use EPA approved and recommended products for the sanitization process.

Our powerful vacuum quickly pulls the chemical to all the areas of the air duct to kill all the microorganisms that are living and growing in the HVAC system.

Why trust us?

There are several commercial building air duct cleaning services in Dallas, Texas. However, choosing us guarantee you top-notch Industrial air duct cleaning service.

  • We are dedicated to responding to your requests as soon as possible.
  • We listen to you and determine your needs, then customize our services.
  • Our clinicians are thoroughly trained and take pride in their work to give you nothing but the best of services.
  • We prepare adequately for the air duct cleaning process. We take note of all the vents in the building and clean the furnace thoroughly.
  • We work based on your schedule. We are flexible to come by even after working hours.
  • We offer competitive service price, and you can be sure that we will offer value for your hard-earned money

We guarantee you that our commercial air duct cleaning services are unmatched. If you are not satisfied with the results, we will quickly fix the issue.

How much does commercial duct cleaning cost?

The cost of commercial air duct cleaning depends on several factors. Some of the factors we look at to determine how much it will cost you include; the size of the ductwork, the total number of vents, ease of access, and degree of contamination.

Our experts will then give you a fair quotation.

How often should a commercial HVAC be cleaned?

Experts recommend that you have your HVAC cleaned every 3 to 5 years. Here are some benefits of duct cleaning in our commercial building:

Improved air quality: It is obvious that with less dust, debris, and other pollutants, you will have fresh air to breathe in. This will in return, benefit your health in a big way. You will not have employees or clients sneezing or even developing respiratory-related conditions.

Reduce your energy costs: Clean ducts put less pressure on the motor. This allows for better heating and cooling. This means that you have reasonable energy bills to pay.

Cut down on repairs: Each equipment needs to be maintained to enhance its durability and performance. Cleaning your HVAC system will ensure that there is no accumulation of debris in the internal components of the heating and cooling system. Your HVAC system is likely to break down anytime when there is so much debris deposition in the ducts.

There is no specific timeframe to when you should clean your HVAC system. Always inspect your vents, especially after remodeling your commercial building. Always engage a professional to take care of the air duct cleaning; it is the only way to ensure that the heating and cooling system works fine for a long time to come.

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