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Air Duct Replacement

Dallas has endless amenities for the young at heart. If you enjoy off-road biking or cross-country hiking, Dallas is the place to be. Unfortunately, Dallas has a major smog issue that has been linked to traffic congestion and other types of pollution.

If you reside in Dallas, we recommend routine residential air duct cleaning. Our technicians will not only prepare your ducts for cleaning but also make sure they are in good condition.

We are a highly rated air duct replacement in Dallas. Here, at Fox Duct Dallas, our skilled and qualified technicians will work around the clock to keep your air duct system operating efficiently to ensure the highest air quality in your home.

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How Much Does Air Duct Replacement Cost

 The cost of air duct replacement can vary from one home to another. The costs depend on several factors, including the size of your home and the air duct system. Single-story homes generally pay less to have their air duct system replaced, while multi-story homes pay much more. The reason for that is because the air duct system for a single-story home is typically smaller than that of a multi-story home.

The only way to determine the actual cost to replace your air duct system is an in-home inspection. During the inspection, a qualified technician inspects and measures the system. The measurement is broken down into linear feet. One foot of length equals one linear foot. This measurement is utilized to measure ductwork, lumber, fabrics, and fencing.

Our technician will utilize the measurement to determine how much it will cost to replace your entire air duct system. It may be that not all of the system may need to be replaced. If the damage is only minor, it may be possible to get by with only repairing it.

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When Is It Time For An Air Duct Replacement

The signs that point to a damaged air duct system is increased energy bills, air quality levels, and allergy-like symptoms. The only way to truly determine if your air duct system needs replaced is to have it professionally inspected. We offer in-home air duct system inspections to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro. We are available throughout the week and willing to work extra to replace your air duct system.

Most homeowners find it difficult to access their air duct systems, which may be located in the attic, crawlspace, or basement. The system runs throughout the home, connecting to each and every room. The purpose of the air duct system is to provide a comfortable living environment by delivering an adequate amount of warm or cold air, depending on the season, throughout the home.

The air duct system sustains damage every time it is utilized. The common air duct system is made of flexible duct and sheet metal, which are connected together utilizing HVAC tape. In order for the system to work efficiently, it must be completely sealed. Unfortunately, normal wear and tear will take its toll on the system.

There is also the potential for damage caused by rodents and wild animals, such as raccoon, possum, rats, and squirrels. Our job is to keep your air duct system in good repair all year-round.

As soon as you suspect your heating and air conditioning system is not working efficiently is the time to make the call. It may not be the HVAC system failing, it may be that the ductwork is damaged. An unsealed air duct system will lead to higher electric bills, lower indoors air quality scores, and increased allergy-like symptoms.

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What You Need For Air Duct Replacement

Ultimately, you’re going to need a lot of tools and supplies for air duct replacement. If you intend to tackle this project alone, there is a good chance that you’ll need to visit the hardware store to buy tools and supplies. That will increase the price. If you want to avoid the hassle, you should work with a professional. Our company is here to help you.

We offer air duct replacement services so you can sit back and allow us to remedy the problem. If you do not have the confidence to carry out the replacement on your own, you shouldn’t bother.

Call us and we’ll take care of it for you.

 We Offer Air Duct Cleaning Services

You need to understand we offer an array of services. We want to ensure that we’ll be able to solve every problem you encounter. Our Dallas air duct cleaning services are helpful. If you suspect that your ducts are dirty, you’re likely experiencing numerous problems. Your electric bill is climbing and your home’s air quality is worsening.

You can remedy this problem by calling us. We offer various services to ensure that we’ll be able to solve the complex problem you’re dealing with. Some of our services can be found in the list below.

  • Air duct installation
  • Air duct replacement services
  • Air duct cleaning services
  • Air duct sealing Dallas

If you have a problem with your air duct system, there is a good chance that we have a solution. With that being said, you should not hesitate to call us. We’re standing by and we’ll be able to solve your problem quickly.

The Benefits Of Choosing Us

There are numerous benefits of choosing us. For instance, we’re going to treat you with respect every step of the way. Simultaneously, we do our best to offer affordable prices. Even if you think you cannot afford it, you should call us. There is a good chance that we’ll surprise you with our affordable prices.

We protect our clients with insurance to ensure that they’re covered if something goes wrong. We put the client’s needs and priorities first to ensure that they’re going to get an excellent service every time.

We’re Ready To Begin

At the end of the day, there are numerous duct companies in Dallas. Nevertheless, there is a good chance that many of them are going to leave you disappointed and frustrated.

You do not want to go through that hassle more than once. With us, you won’t have to. We’ve been serving Dallas residents for many years and we’re eager to help you. Our company can fix your duct problem rapidly and affordable. With that being said, you should not go anywhere else.

When you’re ready to put an end to the problem, you should call the Fox Duct local office in Dallas, Texas. We’ll make sure that your problem is solved quickly.