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Air Duct Cleaning Dallas, TX

We here at Fox Duct Dallas are a locally owned and run Dallas air duct cleaning company in the state of Texas, specializing in professional mold or mildew remediation, dryer vent cleaning, and general HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) services include vent cleaning and ducts cleaning service.

We provide help to large businesses, small businesses, apartment complexes, and single-unit houses with Our Duct Cleaning Service in and Near Dallas.

We service the DFW Metroplex and are the perfect people to remedy your household or place of business if you’re suffering from problems associated with moldy, grimey, dusty, or otherwise unclean or malfunctioning HVAC systems.

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Due to the long bouts of serious heat in Texas, many people run their HVAC systems at all hours. This results in even small problems rippling out into major ones.

The special breed of Dallas dust will clog your air vents, leading to a drop in efficiency and wasted money on your air conditioner trying to keep up with the obstructed ducts.

This, as well as other problems, will lead to serious bodily injury, property damage, and capital loss unchecked. At Fox Duct Dallas, we take the health of your HVAC unit and your indoor air quality very seriously and are ready to assess and tackle whatever problem needs solving with our cleaning and restoration services, this way you will enjoy the air duct cleaning benefits with a clean environment in your home again.

Air Duct Cleaning Services Tips

If your residence or business is suffering from any of the following ailments, please contact our offices and get set on the path to a cleaner, healthier, safer tomorrow.

  • The presence of visible mold, especially near or on your air vents
  • Persistent foul scents (such as cigarette odors or decaying flesh)
  • Copious amounts of dust being ejecting from your vents
  • Major water damage to or near your heating and air conditioning
  • Clogged dryer vents

More details about the nature of the problems, the risks they pose, and how we handle them are found below, and any further questions can be answered by our offices and technicians.

Call us now to get rid of these problems once and for all with our duct cleaning services and get clean air in your home again!

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Most Reliable Air Duct Cleaning Services in Dallas / Fort Worth Area

Our trained, expert technicians have years of experience working with HVAC and air ducts related problems in this region of the country and are fully equipped to handle all of the issues that arise in the environment here. That includes the Texas heat, the endemic species of mold, the kinds of weather damage caused by the wild North Texas weather, and of course our neighbors subject to all these events.

If you’re struggling with who to go with to fix your clean air ducts related issues, we here at Fox Duct Dallas have cut our teeth working on the very problems you are encountering, and our friendly, local staff are ready to help out every step of the way.

We help people in need of all shapes and sizes, and the scale of your home or business does not phase our grizzled, veteran technicians. Reach out now to contact our friendly, locally-based offices and get on the path to remedying your problems today!

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Commercial Duct Cleaning in Dallas

If your business is struggling with any HVAC related issues (mold, water damage, odors, dust and allergens), our trained staff at Fox Duct Dallas are more than capable of solving all of the issues afflicting your commercial property and provide you with commercial air duct cleaning in Dallas.

Our past clientele include :

  • Major Grocery chains
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Industrial Air Duct Cleaning Service
  • Motels
  • Schools
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Offices
  • Small Businesses

We are more than capable of handling any and all of the many problems that arise in the everyday workings and failings of your air conditioning system, or the mold flare ups that inevitably occur in a long standing establishment.

Whether you’re a small mom and pop shop, or a major company looking for a quick solution to your air ducts problem done well, Fox Duct Dallas is the right fit for you.

Contact our quality offices today to get your ducts cleaned professionally and your business back on track!

Residential Cleaning

We service more than just businesses here at Fox Duct Dallas! If your home is suffering from any HVAC related problems, our technicians can ensure the health and safety of you and your family with whatever tools may be necessary for the remediation process.

Trust us, we know how miserable it can be to suffer under the whip of dusty vents blowing respiratory irritants in your house at all hours of the day, or to come back from vacation and find a patch of unknown mold growing on your wall.

We know how important it is to live in a clean, safe home, and our discreet, professional technicians are ready to make your household brighter, happier, and healthier than ever before.

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Air Duct Cleaning Benefits

Reasons for getting your air duct cleaned or replaced by air duct cleaning technicians in the known city as Dallas are varied and numerous; however, they can generally be sorted into two camps. First, there are issues that require immediate action. Second, there are issues that you should fix but aren’t life-threatening.

Potentially life-threatening damages include:

  • Visible mold growing on the inside of your dirty air ducts or dryer
  • Foul odors emanating from your air vents
  • Flood damage
  • Persistent cigarette odors

Minor damages include :

  • Excessively dusty vents
  • Suboptimal circulation

We treat both kinds of problems equally, and we here at Fox Duct Dallas are ready and willing to schedule with you as soon as possible to make your home or business a better, safer, more pleasant place to be in.

Health Benefits

Molds and Cigarette particulate are especially dangerous threats to any person who spends any amount of time in the affected building. This issue is correlated with a slew of health problems including the following :

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  • Middle Ear Disease (in children)
  • Impraied Lung Function Including Asthma
  • Lung Cancer
  • Stroke (in adults)
  • Malignant Reproductive Effects
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Pulmonary Hemorrhages

We take the threats caused by molds and cigarette residue very seriously. Our trained staff has the safety equipment, chemicals, and training required to tackle these extremely dangerous threats head on.

Additionally, remnants of these substances may be left behind by inexperienced or otherwise incompetent HVAC cleaning services. If you want to ensure a job well done, Fox Duct Dallas is the perfect choice to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your home or business.

If you are being affected by any of these problems, call our offices right now ask about our online specials, and prevent any further harm from being done.

Your House Benefits

Just because your ductwork is out of sight does not mean it’s not a part of your house, and like every other part of your house, it gets dirty if left unattended. While a layer of dust is normal and expected in all homes and businesses, it is absolutely possible for the situation there to get out of control.

In extreme cases, dust could be emitting from your vents and making your never-ending quest for a permanently clean house harder than it needs to be.

More than just aesthetic, dirty environments are correlated with many issues, including the following :

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidality

Many respected mental health professionals recommend cleaning your living space as a first step in improving your emotional state, and we here at Fox Duct Dallas are ready to start that journey with you.

Familial Benefits

In domestic environments, creating a safe space for your family is extremely important, and we here at Fox Duct Dallas are more than aware of that fact. Our technicians, who themselves have families, know the feeling of wanting to keep the ones you love safe, and things that lurk in your HVAC system are just as dangerous as any disease circulating in a schoolyard.

Here are just some of the problems that an unhealthy HVAC system can have on your family

  • Sickness
  • Restlessness
  • Uneasiness
  • Anxiety

Call us now and get back on the road to success, and ensure that every part of your home is clean and healthy.

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Services We Offer

The suite of our cleaning services we offer are varied and wide, all centered around the cleanliness and efficiency of the HVAC systems in your home or business.

Some of the things we do include the following

  • Water Damage Restoration Services
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning and Restoration Services
  • Air Duct Replacement

If there’s anything related to any of the above listed services that you aren’t sure whether or not we offer, don’t hesitate to call us and ask. Our offices are more than happy to assist with any necessary clarifications.

Mold Removal

The mold remediation and restoration services process is a multifaceted one that may even involve other companies; however, it’s not out of the scope of our expertise to handle the whole problem ourselves without the consultation of a lab.

The first step in the de-molding process is identifying the substance and prevent the spread of mold. While there are many grimy, unpleasant looking things that have the appearance of mold, many are not.

Here’s a small sample of substances commonly mistaken for mold

  • Black Stains
  • Pollen
  • House Dust
  • Sprayed Insulation
  • Sap

Before panicking, it’s a good idea to take a deep breath, and contact our experienced and professional air vent cleaning and duct cleaner technicians at Fox Duct Dallas. We provide a quality visual inspection at no extra cost to determine the nature of any unwanted, unsightly specimens, and the best course of action to extradite them from your home. Our technicians will be able to explain you the whole process of duct cleaning and what is duct cleaning excetly.

Once the mold is identified, we will begin a treatment process that includes lots of scrubbing and the use of high-grade biocides. While the word “biocide” may seem scary, we use top of the line chemicals with no significant threat to residents or workers of your property. The biocides only kill the mold and bacteria and ensure it won’t come back later down the line. They require no evacuations, or serious biohazard protective suits and equipment.

Our trained, friendly, experienced staff are more than willing to be as transparent as you need to be comfortable and explain every step of the remediation process.

Dryer Vent

While many people don’t give it too much thought, dryer vents are actually one of the most important points of failure in your household. If your vent gets too clogged or otherwise broken, fires will break out, causing serious damage or even total destruction of your property.

The primary cause behind these fires according to the US Fire Administration is simple negligence. To prevent this problem from getting out of control and causing harm or damage, we will assess your vents, and then clear them out as necessary.

The process is quick, easy, and affordable, and failing to do it for long enough will result in your house burning down. To find out if you’re at risk and need your dryer vent to be cleaned, schedule an appointment or request a quote today, and get one of Fox Duct Dallas’s technicians to assess the dryer vent cleaning situation.

Duct Cleaning

While bacteria mold removal often involves cleaning your ducts, these are two separate services that we offer. For instance, any kind of moisture present in your dirty air ducts is very alarming, and mold is often just one of the warning signs that this is affecting your house or business.

If moisture is present for too long in your duct system, it will form droplets that eventually collect in stagnant puddles. In these puddles, dangerous bacteria will grow, fester, and eventually leak out. This poses a serious health concern to any persons who may accidentally make contact with the infected, toxic water.

More than just stagnant water and mold, if your air ducts are insulated, the presence of water indicates that the insulation material may be compromised. If this is the case, your ducts need to be entirely replaced, as simply wiping or drying the material does not restore its insulative abilities.

Our trained staff is more than capable of performing any and all of these services as necessary, and Fox Duct Dallas is ready to tackle any problem that arises head-on.

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Arlington, Carrollton, Coppell, Dallas, DeSoto, Flower Mound, Fort Worth, Garland, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, Irving, Lewisville, Mansfield, Mesquite, Richardson, Rowlett, Plano, McKinney, Southlake.

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